Nov 26

Bad bridge of the day

So Frank, C.J., Eric and I are in Seattle now for the Fall NABCs… We played in the USBF team trials for the U26 world championships (which will be held next summer in China).  Three teams entered for two spots, but unfortunately (though predictably, I may add) we got killed and withdrew after just one of the two days of competition (the Daily Bulletin put a gracious caption for our picture: "They competed in the Junior Championships: …").  At least I got to beat my previous record of the biggest loss on a single board: 18 imps for defending 2XX+3 (that's -1960 if you're not used to so many redoubled overtricks).  One more than my previous record, 3NTX-6 for 17 imps.  Whatever.

So today Frank and Eric took the day off, whereas C.J. and I decided to "enjoy" some easy bridge playing in a random compact bracketed knockout.  Given that both of us have around 50 masterpoints, we got to play in bracket 42 6 teaming up with two charming little old ladies.  We win the first match by 4, and in the second one comes a seemingly innocuous deal where I reach a rather hopeless heart game:

North deals
NS vul

The A is led and I drop the queen without much hope (on a very good day, they won't cash their tricks and I will set up the 10)  Then comes the king and it should be obvious that I have a doubleton club… but it's a club that comes back again on the third trick!

Whatever, the bridge gods decided to punish us for playing in such a low-level KO by having us still lose the match by 4 when our teammates miss a couple of games.  So be it.  Tomorrow will be tourism instead.