Jul 31

More slamming

Sitting opposite Jannes in a side pairs game just after his strong finish in the fast pairs, I held


A nice, natural auction ensued and could have landed me in a great slam if only my partner held the right cards…

West Jannes East Antony
P 1 P 2
P 2 P 21
P 2 P 3
P 3 P 3
P 42 P 4
P 53 P 54

1. no need to hurry
2. cue
3. 2 keys without the queen
4. the last making contract

As my partner pointed out, had he shown three keys (necessarily the A, A and A) then I should have bid 6, as the spades would provide a parking spot for the heart loser while 6 would have failed.  At the table, the opponents cashed the A and the A and we got the rest.

Interestingly, I think that if I directly jumped to 3 over 2, then a later 6 by me should either express doubt about the strain of the contract (, or NT), or be a grand slam try (depending on your agreements), as I would have voluntarily bypassed the possibility of cheaply keeping s in the picture earlier in the auction.