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Aug 02

More natural slamming

Having shown off my ability to sustain long, natural auctions in the previous post, let's move back, for the time being, to Piedmont, where I missed an opportunity last Wednesday. Playing with a pickup partner, I held A5 KQJ86 KJ3 QJT and heard my partner open 1♣.  The auction developed naturally: 1♣-1♥; 1♠-2♦!; 3♣.  Now …

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Jul 31

More slamming

Sitting opposite Jannes in a side pairs game just after his strong finish in the fast pairs, I held KQT 83 KQT8 KQJ5 A nice, natural auction ensued and could have landed me in a great slam if only my partner held the right cards… West Jannes East Antony P 1 P 2 P 2 …

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Jul 24

Grand slams from Philly

The GNT C bracket

Back from 12 days of bridge in Philadelphia… I have to admit I was a bit worn off at the end.  Not many successes, except for placing 3/4 in the GNT Cs (if that counts as a success, but let's not be too picky).  At least I went two for two in grand slams. The …

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Jun 04

Double endplay

I just came back from two days playing in the California Capital Regional in Sacramento.  We first tried the open Swiss championship on Saturday, and got killed — a good reminder that decent opponents will actually kill you when you bid on trash.  With ♠xx♥KQxxxx♦xxx♣Kx, do you overcall at unfavorable after (weak 1NT)-P-(2♣)?  I never …

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Mar 12

GNT C district champions!

So we won the district GNT C qualifier, and will get to Philly next summer to play in the national finals! Eleven teams entered the flight C event, which was played as a two-day KO (first day, cut to 6 teams and then to 4 teams, second day, semi-final and finals, each match 28 boards).  …

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Jan 31

Mind your spots

Holding ♠9532♥A♦AKQ75♣J95 in a Swiss teams at Quicktricks, I had an awkward auction: West Steve East Antony       1 P 1 P 1 P 21 P 3 P 3 P 3 P 4 AP   1. artificial GF A club is led and I see that 3N would have been a better spot: …

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Jan 29

Hiding information at matchpoints

  Here is another hand from last Sunday.  It is actually the very last hand we played.  I was dummy during the previous hand and noticed that the directors had posted the preliminary results on the wall behind me; at my great surprise we were having a slightly above average game, so combined with our …

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Jan 23

A suit combination and a squeeze

So Martin and I failed to qualify for the NAP flight C nationals by about half a board… such is life.  We agreed just before the start of the play to switch to Beowulf intermediate twos (two of a major showing exactly four cards with 8-11 HCP and unbalanced), but guess what, we had no …

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Nov 26

Bad bridge of the day

So Frank, C.J., Eric and I are in Seattle now for the Fall NABCs… We played in the USBF team trials for the U26 world championships (which will be held next summer in China).  Three teams entered for two spots, but unfortunately (though predictably, I may add) we got killed and withdrew after just one …

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Oct 28

A moysian

Monday at Quicktricks, Swiss teams. North deals None vul Jannes xx AJx ATx AKJxx Antony Axx Kxxx KJx T9x West Jannes East Antony   11 P 1 12 X3 2 34 P 4 AP   1. could be short, could have longer diamonds if balanced 2. like X, but weaker 3. SNT 4. ??? Plan …

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